Past Reigning Royalty

Arnikka Thompson
Miss Norsk Høstfest 2017

August 12, 2017 was a big day for Arnikka Thompson. She was competing in her first pageant to compete for the title of Miss Norsk Høstfest. After successfully completing the interview, evening gown and fitness competitions, Arnikka performed the “Norwegian Dance” on her clarinet and clinched the win as this year’s Miss Norsk Høstfest.

Arnikka’s dream to become Miss Norsk Høstfest began at a young age. “I’ve gone to Høstfest every year except first grade. When I was in Kindergarten, I went to the Høstfest and saw Princess Märtha Louise of Norway who was there with her book, ‘Why Kings and Queens Don’t Wear Crowns’, and I loved it,” said Arnikka. “Later that day, I saw Miss Norsk Høstfest in her crown and I wanted to be just like her.”

When asked how it felt to have her dream come true, she said, “It’s amazing. I was elated.”

Arnikka is 100 percent Norwegian and her culture has been a part of her life from a young age. “I’ve been a part of the Sons of Norway since I was four months old when my mom took me to the meetings,” she said. As Arnikka grew up, she continued to embrace her culture. She attended Camp Trollfjorden starting at eight years old and served as a camp counselor in recent years. The camp is located near Lake Metigoshe and gives campers insight into the Norwegian language, dancing and cooking.

As a longtime Høstfest attendee, Arnikka is looking forward to reconnecting with festival friends and getting to meet more fantastic Høstfest attendees. If you get to chat with Miss Norsk Høstfest, make sure to ask her about her platform — encouraging music in small schools. You might even learn that you have an ancestor in common. Arnikka’s family is from the northern regions of Norway.

Miss Norsk Høstfest’s favorite Nordic food is rømmegrøt.