Past Reigning Royalty

Courtney Johnsen
Miss Norsk Høstfest 2011



Miss Norsk Høstfest 2011 Courtney Johnson is a fan of the entertainment at Høstfest, and the yodeling performers are among her favorites.


"I always think yodelers are the coolest thing," she told the Minot Daily News.


Johnson,a Minot native, is the a daughter of Todd and Lauri Johnson and was a Minot State Univerisy sophomore during the time of her crowning.


When she was younger, she remembers performing with the Western Plains Children's Choir at Høstfest and seeing and admiring the then-Miss Norsk Høstfests. Competing for the title has been on her list of things to do for some time.


In 2011, she particularly felt strongly about entering the contest.


"With the flood and everything that's happened," she said, "I thought it was going to be important for the Høstfest to continue. I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to show Minot strong. I know this was going to be an exciting year to be involved with Høstfest."


Seeing the devastation in her community has been difficult, she said. Her family home on North Hill wasn't flooded.


Johnson said she is "30 percent Norwegian," which comes from her father's side as her last name implies. Lefse was a staple at holiday dinners, where Johnson enjoyed listening to the Norwegian accents of extended family members gathered for the special occasions. She also visited Høstfest occasionally with her family during the years.


"It's once-in-a-lifetime to be Miss Norsk Høstfest ," she said. "It's probably more involved that I thought, but I like that. I am glad it's very involved."


(This article was originally written by Jill Schramm and published in the Minot Daily News on September 30, 2011)