Past Reigning Royalty

Emily Prock
Miss Norsk Høstfest 2016

Emily Prock, Miss Norsk Høstfest 2016, views this title as a chance to celebrate a different part of herself. As a child growing up in Texas, much of her heritage experience was tied to her Hispanic mother’s side of the family. After her father was relocated through the military to Minot, Prock started learning more about her Scandinavian heritage on her father’s side.
“It’s exciting to have a title that lets me represent a part of me that I’m still discovering and very proud of,” said Prock.

A Minot High School grad, she is now a fifth-year senior at the University of North Dakota studying art education and elementary education. Prock was the featured twirler with the UND marching band for football and basketball. She originally got into pageants as a way to get to know people and practice her skill.

“I thought it was a cool way to bring my sport back to pageants,” said Prock.

As Miss Norsk Høstfest 2016, Prock will play an integral part in this year’s celebration, socializing with festival goers and attending the many events. Prock is looking forward to an immersive cultural experience and hopes to learn more about her own heritage and encourage others to do the same.

“[Being Miss Norsk Høstfest] means I get to represent a culture that’s not very prominent in other areas of the country and use social media to share what makes our culture unique,” said Prock. “It seems that some people here just brush off the fact that they have Scandinavian heritage. I want to ensure that kids understand that their heritage is something to celebrate and be proud of.”

Throughout her year as Miss Norsk Høstfest, Prock will make appearances and present on her platform – Putting the You Back in Beautiful. Focused on positive body image, Prock wants to encourage others to be accepting of their bodies regardless of what size they may wear. As long as they’re happy with how they look and know they’re putting their best foot forward, that’s what matters – not what others think of them.